Frame 19 - Life after Facebook

Its a strange feeling... or perhaps an absence of feeling.

I quit Facebook 2 weeks ago. It all happened so quickly, there was no big bang, just a slow, creeping dissatisfaction with the whole thing.

I am approaching 50 and in the last several years have become a political animal. My beliefs are not always popular but they are fervent and wherever possible based on fact...whatever that is nowadays. In the void that is the popular media, I try to apply a mixture of common sense and putting myself in other shoes...sometimes those feet smell.

And I posted my views...hoping to engender agreement, find maybe some kindred spirits. Wrong. Its not Facebooks fault, its mine. Facebook is increasingly catering for the lowest denominator. Its a race to the bottom - a phrase I am hearing increasingly these days.

So, not content to post a photo of my lunch, unleash another YouTube video on the world or "check-in" at "Poo St", I left.....

I don't miss it, I feel great. maybe this blog will fill the void.

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