Frame 2. Let there be light.

Ever thought how important light is? Of course you have. Well, last night the fluorescent light in the kitchen gave up the ghost. Myself and my partner found ourselves searching for torches and frantically angling lights to illuminate the area. It was perfectly well lit to enable us to function in it but the inability to simply switch on the light seemed to have thrown us into the dark ages (forgive the pun!). its fixed now - but what else do we take for-granted? 

Speaking of light, here is pic I took on Blackheath, London. The sun was setting and for some reason the rather innocuous bus shelter appealed to me. The light was streaming thru it and it took on a cathedral stained glass like appearance. Some editing in Photoshop (another love of my life) revealed the true glory. i love it, not only for the light, but the composition. The geometric Mondrian-like shelter, the lone figure hoping that a bus will eventually come and the silhouettes, which I find terribly powerful. Added to this I managed to capture the Stella Artois blimp doing its advertising rounds that day. All in all - its a fave of mine.

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