Frame 6. The Dark Elevator

Up into the darkness I went. The multi story car park had one of two lifts out of order. I awaited the other. It arrived, the doors slid open and the occupants walked out...of the darkness. "That was different" one commented. Like some fool I walked in and in the gloom as the doors closed I searched for the button for my floor.

Why are we afraid of the dark?

Maybe it goes back to childhood - I am no shrink.

What I do know is that 15 second ride in that pitch black elevator was scary but exhilarating. I  had put myself in a strange situation. The blackness was different from just having your eyes closed on a moon-less night. My eyes were wide open and it was as if light did not exist. There were people all around me, a mobile phone in my pocket and a lung full of air if I needed to scream but I felt alone in the middle of a large town - as if there was no one to communicate with .

Then the doors opened, I breathed a sigh of relief and exited.... into the bright sunlight.

Above is a photo taken by the Thames at Greenwich, London. The buildings are disused and b&w  beckoned me. I reworked it in Photoshop to make the sky more ominous and tried to make it look a little film noir.....

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