Frame 13. "There's Someone Driving..."


There are many definitions but the one that interests me at the moment is driving as an ambition, a force, an urge to fulfil.

Today I am painting a new work of art. Yesterday I painted, the day before that, the same. The day before that, you guessed it, I painted. What is is that drives me?  Well, I have noted how my drive changes over the course of a painting. In the planning stage I am excited. When the painting is outlined on the canvas, my excitement rises a little. When painting starts proper, my excitement wanes as I start to see the enormity of the task and any pitfalls come to the fore.  I battle on and at some point the battle transforms into drive. I have a definite desire to complete the project, an almost unstoppable desire to see it through to completion. Thats the drive and it means I paint for days on end. Its tiring of course and I feel knackered but carry on regardless. Normally after 4-5 days I need to rest or I get burnt out. This drive is a strange feeling. I think of little else. 

Above is a photo taken in Eltham, SE London. All the ducks were swimming on the water as the Lemon Jellys sang. There was a film of green covering the surface of the moat and in the middle sat two ducks - perfect photo material.


  1. This is a great picture Larry. I envy you your drive and determination. If you have any extra ambition, package it up and send it my way. :)

  2. This is a fantastic shot.
    It's almost a Monet!

  3. This is a great shot! Very artistic.

  4. A spectacular photo!
    My compliments ...
    Sorry for the intrusion passed here and I was kidnapped by the photos ...
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    Good evening, hello hello

  5. amazing, confusing, interesting shot.